Why Kakumei is different?

Why Kakumei is different?

Posted by James Zhang on

Kakumei is a premium Japanese homeware and kitchenware store, located in the heart of Sydney’s beautiful backyard: Glebe.

If you ever spent a few minutes in our store, you would probably noticed that what we are selling is so different to others. Our mugs are mostly handmade and unique in deisgn, our clay nabe (pots) have different designs and our knvies and super elegant compared to the department store staples: Shun and Global. Yes, we are a premium Japanese homeware store that is also unique.

Unique Homeware Suppliers

Kakumei’s owner James has been working in the kitchenware industry for over 8 years, and over the years we built up a lot of unique connections and suppliers. For example we are the importor of the famous Japanese hibachi grill.

The real Japanese Hibachi Grilll that is loved by everyone.

Kakumei is also the only seller of the exquesite Japanese Kiriko (Cut glass) in Australia. These beautiful crystall glassware are hand cut individually by master craftsmen in Japan, and widely used by Japanese royal family.

Edo-Kiriko (cut-glass), a traditional and elegant craft from Tokyo area.

We also work with Asahido, one of the largest Kiyomizuware supplier in Kyoto region, in fact they have a few shops around the world heritage listed Kyoto icon: Kiyomizu Temple.

And the abovementioned brands are just a very small set of our rich suppliers back in Japan. We are sure that you can find out a lot more when you visit our store or browse our website.

Unique Philosophy

It is always Kakumei’s believe that we need to offer something that is unique to the market. If you often visit Japanese homeware and giftware shops, you will be able to tell that Kakumei’s offering is quite different in many ways.

We have Kirata glassware that brings back some of the most famous designs from the old times.

Hirota Bamboo, Designer Yukari Hirono, 2002

We have high end Kiyomizuware and Kutaniware that are handmade by skilled craftsmen in Japan.

Kutaniware: gold flower coffee cup set. Kutaniware is one of the oldest homeware styles in Japan.

We also carry one of a kind hand forged kitchen knives made by masters that James work with for years.

Nigara Anmon black damascus Bunka style knife.

Oh, we also have so many cats and dogs here in our store, because James is a cat person while Debbie loves dogs. Yes, dogs are welcome to come to our shops as well!

Items updated often

We are also constantly bringing new items in, since we have containers coming in from Osaka every month. More importantly, James usually travels to Japan 5 times a year (even been there 4 times in 2022) to associate with suppliers and discovering the latest trends. Once James finds something he likes, ourJapanese suppliers will be able to supply us with our monthy container direct from Osaka.

We only carry products that we truly love to use ourselves, and we sincerely hope that you will also find amazing homeware and kitcheware that you absoutely love at Kakumei.