Chojiro Shark-skin Wasabi Grater

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How to grate fresh wasabi
1 Scrape off the leaves
2 Roughly scrape off the bumps
3 Wash with a scrubbing brush
4 Grate in a circular motion starting from the side with leaves.

・Without applying any force, slowly grate it in a round shape as if writing the character "".
When the wasabi becomes fine-grained and sticky and creamy, delicious wasabi is ready.

-Can be used not only for wasabi, but also for vegetables such as green onions and carrots, and fruits such as apples.
The ingredients will melt like snow and form a light mousse between fruit pulp and juice.
By adding it just before serving food, you can give it a pleasant aroma and a refreshing feeling.


Body: natural wood

Grated part: Top quality real shark skin

- Depending on the color of your monitor, the appearance of the actual product may differ.

- After using it once, please wash it with water and dry it in the shade.
If you use the grating plate continuously many times a day while it contains moisture, the skin will get stuffy and peel off easily.
Soaking it in hot water or drying it in the sun may cause it to peel.
Do not immerse it in water or hot water.

- If the wood and bark contain a lot of moisture every day for a long time, the sharkskin and wood may be damaged, also, after drying, the wood may crack or curve.
- Please rest the shark skin grater board occasionally and dry it in the shade.

- Genuine shark skin is the highest quality natural skin, and the texture may vary depending on the location.

★If you use it frequently, the secret to its longevity is to alternately use two pieces of grated shark skin.






  • Not dishwasher safe

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