Nippon Kodo Assortment of Less Smoke Incense Gift Box

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This is an incense gift box assortment of "Incense Knots" and "The Dream of Dreams"
"Incense Knots (Koumusubi 香結び)"

The "Koumusubi" series emphasizes the tranquility of the moment when you put your hands together and your heart is tied together, with a modest smoke and scent of incense sticks. May it be a good link between life and "incense".

  • Unscented "Bincho Charcoal" with no fragrance or coloring added, and almost no scent.
  • A scent of "Osmanthus" that tickles nostalgic memories.
  • Fragrance of "Wisteria Flower" full of elegant relaxation.
"The Dream of Dreams (Yume-no-yume 夢の夢)"
"Yume-no-yume" is less smoke sandalwood incense. The soothing, multi-fragrant incense is specially designed to evoke pleasant dreams of years gone by and recall long-forgotten memories.
  • Clean and cool "Lotus Flower" scent
  • Fresh floral "Cherry Blossom" scent
  • Refreshing and fresh herbal scent of "Lavender"

In response to modern needs, there is almost no smoke (compared to Nippon Kodo) and the fragrance is moderate (compared to Nippon Kodo).


"Incense Knots (Koumusubi 香結び)"
  • Wisteria Flower (Purple box)
  • Osmanthus (Yellow box)
  • Binchotan (Black box)
"The Dream of Dreams (Yume-no-yume 夢の夢)"
  • Cherry Blossom (Pink box)
  • Lotus Flower (Yellow box)
  • Lavender (Purple box)


Amount of smoke:

Incense Knots - Less smoke, The Dream of Dreams - Little to none

Incense stick length:

approx. 140mm

Burn time:

Incense Knots - Approx. 25 minutes

The Dream of Dreams - Approx. 30 minutes


Incense Knots - Wisteria Flower/Osmanthus/Binchotan x 1 box each (35g).

The Dream of Dreams - Cherry Blossom/Lotus Flower/Lavender x 1 box each (40g).

Most of our products are handmade in Japan, and sometimes the one that you receive maybe slightly different to the photo. This is very common and in no way it will affect the performance of the product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to let us know.


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