Nousaku Incense Stand Set - Bamboo Leaf (Brass)

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Nousaku is a casting manufacturer that inherits the tradition of Takaoka copperware.
Takaoka copperware is completed through the production of a prototype, mold making based on the prototype, casting by pouring molten metal into the mold, finishing processes such as welding and polishing, and decoration with engraving and coloring.
Each process is divided into divisions of labor, and each requires outstanding technology.
While inheriting these traditional casting techniques, Nousaku continues to research new materials and technologies and develop products.


Nousaku Incense Stand Set - Bamboo Leaf (Brass)

This is an incense vessel with a simple design that makes use of the materials. There are two types: tin and brass.

It was manufactured based on the casting technology of "casting", a traditional industry in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.
Burn some incense and enjoy a relaxing moment.

Material: 60% copper, 40% zinc

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