Nousaku Tumbler with Stirrer Gift Set

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The NAJIMI tumbler has a dent in the thumb area to make it easier to hold.

Tin has long been used for sake and tea utensils, as it has been said that "water in a tin container will not spoil" and "the sake will be mellowed out and the unpleasant taste will be removed." The wide mouth makes it recommended for mixing with water or on the rocks. Because it has high thermal conductivity, the container itself will cool well by placing it in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes, and you can enjoy the change in taste as the ice melts over time. Mix lightly with the muddler included in the set to adjust the taste.

Suzumaru is a small plate made of 100% tin with a beautiful delicate expression. Because it is 100% tin, it is soft and can be transformed into any shape you like. Use it to add snacks and condiments to your evening drinks. Each piece is hand finished by craftsman.

This set is also recommended as a gift.

Content: cup x 1, stirrer x 1, small plate x 1



Width 89 cm

Height 91 mm

Capacity 390ml


Width 100mm

Height 0.8mm


Width 13mm

Height 179mm

Precautions for use

  • Wash with a soft sponge and neutral kitchen detergent.

  • Use baking soda if the luster dulls.

  • Avoid scrubbing with hard brushes to prevent scratches.

  • Keep away from fire due to low melting point.

  • Do not use in microwave, dishwasher, or dryer.

  • Avoid freezing or long-term refrigeration.

  • Do not store highly acidic or dark-colored items for long periods to prevent discoloration.

Most of our products are handmade in Japan, and sometimes the one that you receive maybe slightly different to the photo. This is very common and in no way it will affect the performance of the product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to let us know.


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